Baerii Caviar

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From  the Siberian sturgeon - Acipenser Baerii - this variety is the most widespread, as it was one of the first to have been raised. It is also the one which reaches sexual maturity the most quickly (6 to 8 years). Until recently, it was the only one to be permitted in France, which explains the lack of diversity in French production.

For this introduction to caviar, we can choose our products from Finland, Bulgaria, Uruguay or other countries, according to their quality/price ratio. As in every country all over the world, the subsidy paid to national producers makes French caviar 30 to 40% more expensive in the domestic market, while adding nothing more. This reassures the novice; but the devotee will rise above these considerations.

  • Origine Bulgarie, Uruguay, Finlande
  • Variété Caviar d'Acipenser Baerii
  • DLC 60 jours