Taramas and smoked cod roe

Tarama is originally a Greek and Turkish speciality, a creamy mixture of roe, oil and bread.

Our recipe for Tarama, with 70% smoked cod roe, certainly comes closest to the original Tarama, and will delight the most discerning palate. We have also developed combinations of subtle and original flavours in recipes to which we've added crab meat, grated Boutargue, caviar, saffron, sea urchin coral ...

Exceptional cod roe

The special nature of our taramas derives from the origin and consistent quality of the cod roe we use. These roe come from wild cod, caught by small boats in the pure, cold Icelandic waters, guaranteeing their superior quality and incomparable flavour.

Our partner VIGNIR www.vignir.is harvests these roe daily in the season (February to April). He selects the pouches at their optimum ripeness (Grade A) and smokes them in his Akranes (Iceland) smokery.

You can make your own home-made tarama from our pouches of smoked cod roe, or simply eat them on fresh bread or toast.


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