Salmon roe

Our salmon roe come exclusively from wild salmon fisheries in the north-east Pacific (Alaska in summer, and Canada / Washington State in the autumn).

The quality of the roe is inversely proportional to that of the flesh, and it is the keta or chum varieties which are the benchmark for salmon roe lovers, especially the Japanese. The 'pink' species is the favourite of Russian gourmets.

The 'king', 'coho', 'silver', or 'sockeye' are of lesser interest, and roe from our Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar), wild or farmed in Norway, are of none.

In addition to the variety, the degree of maturity is essential when selecting roe. Immature, the product will not withstand pasteurization, and if too mature, the flavour will be changed. The best way to reconcile the two is to use non-pasteurized roe. The lifespan is much shorter, but the quality is incomparable!

Buying salmon roe on-line