Our business ? Sourcer !

For us, the selection of raw materials is essential, since the transformation part of our business is often simply packaging. This research can be done from our own intuition, or because we listen to our customers.

Good producers are not very numerous, and to ensure a good-quality, regular supply means that we maintain special relations with them, and have the financial capacity to store the crop.

On this market of exceptional raw materials, fidelity pays, and quality has a price. In this way, too much pressure on the value of the purchase would automatically result in a reduction in quality.

Evaluating resources

Our expertise already included the evaluation of resources and production methods within the criteria of quality, consistence of raw materials, respect for laws and quotas in international fisheries, respect for health and hygiene standards, traceability, preservation of the natural balance ...

« The most important thing is the taste! »

Taste first and foremost! This is our approach, leading us to value taste above any other consideration of colour, size or texture. A good example is pasteurized salmon roe: their taste is best when the roe are young and that their skin is still thin. This is a characteristic which does not allow for good pasteurization (the roe are very delicate); unlike 'Hard Shell' roe in a more advanced state of maturity, whose appearance after pasteurization is perfect, but whose taste has changed.

In this specific case, our way of reconciling taste and appearance is also to offer non-pasteurized salmon roe. Their shelf life is much shorter (21 days instead of 1 year), but you have the best possible taste without the texture being affected.

For caviar, the variety is the most important factor! Our preference is Oscietre, even though it's not the most prestigious (compared to Beluga), or the most spectacular in the size of its roe or its colour (like the Schrenkii and Schrenkii / Dauricus cross-bred roe).

Similarly, the quality of breeding takes precedence over the country of production, which is in no way a guarantee of quality.


We must be as transparent with our partners as we are with our customers.

That is why our product designations are as simple as possible, with accurate, complete descriptions of the origin, variety (with its Latin name), list of ingredients, allergens, etc.

Our range is restricted by the very fact of our selection, and we avoid unnecessary subdivisions.

Find us directly on our two sites in France: the Packaging Laboratory in Mulcent (78) and, very soon, in our Paris showroom (Paris, 8th arrondissement). Here you can choose your caviar, with our professional advice.