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From its creation in 1991 by Caroline and Philippe CHAUVIN, Comptoir du Caviar has been dedicated to the selection and distribution of the fresh caviars, typical of the Caspian Sea.

At that time, this precious product still came from wild sturgeon, mainly from the countries bordering the Caspian Sea: Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan ...

But very soon, it became obvious that overfishing would lead to the decline of wild caviar, and we diversified our activity into salmon, trout and lumpfish roe.

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Our business ? Sourcer !

For us, the selection of raw materials is essential, since the transformation part of our business is often simply packaging. This research can be done from our own intuition, or because we listen to our customers.

Good producers are not very numerous, and to ensure a good-quality, regular supply means that we maintain special relations with them, and have the financial capacity to store the crop.

On this market of exceptional raw materials, fidelity pays, and quality has a price. In this way, too much pressure on the value of the purchase would automatically result in a reduction in quality.

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