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With its powerful, seaside flavour, our Comptoir du Caviar boutargue can be served simply: in thin slices; as it comes; with a trickle of olive oil or lemon; grated over pasta; in a rocket salad ...

We use this Mediterranean speciality as a base, made from dried grey mullet roe in their grated form, for our Tarama with Boutargue.

Our partner MEMMI ( makes it possible for us to offer you this speciality, in addition to our own range.

Boutargue is used in dishes of many Mediterranean countries: Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, France. It is also covered with a thin film of wax to slow its maturing and improve its keeping qualities.

  • Origine Brésil, Mauritanie transformé en France
  • Variété Poutargue
  • DLC 60 jours